Our Moon is an enigma. There is no other like it in our Solar System. No other moon behaves the way that it does. Throughout history, the Moon has mesmerized and mystified us. The ancients viewed it as a brilliant orb in the sky, there to light their way in the darkness. Some even worshipped it as a god. When the telescope was invented, people took to observing the Moon and mapping it. It was soon discovered that there is a lot going on with the Moon, and that it is not exactly what we thought, or have been told. It is more than just a dead rock in the sky. There is mysterious activity taking place on the Moon. There are unexplained lights, objects moving across the lunar surface, and other strange anomalies. The question is, who or what is causing all the commotion? The short answer is, we have no idea. Despite the amount of information that scientists have collected about the Moon, be it from astronauts that walked on the lunar surface, space probes, astronomers, and others, there are still vital questions to be answered. After all the years of research, time, effort, and money spent, in 2024 we barely know anything concrete about Earth’s closest planetary neighbor. It remains a huge mystery. So much so, that it has been labeled, “the Rosetta Stone of planets” by American astronomer, Dr. Robert Jastrow. States former New York Times science writer, Earl Ubell in his article, The Moon Is More of a Mystery than Ever, “The Moon is more complicated than anyone expected; it is not simply a kind of billiard ball frozen in space and time, as many scientists had believed. Few of the fundamental questions have been answered, but the Apollo rocks and recordings have spawned a score of mysteries, a few truly breath-stopping.” Additionally, scientists still cannot explain how the Moon was created. All the main theories of the Moon’s origin have been discarded.

Strange anomalous activity has been seen on the Moon for centuries dating back to the early 1600s. Later, once mankind progressed to space travel and then to the Moon, more reports became available of unexplainable occurrences on and around it. Perplexing reports came from astronomers and scientists of what they had witnessed while studying the Moon, that included unusual formations, peculiar shadows, clouds, mysterious streaks, and lights of various shapes, sizes, and colors. In 1671 Gian Cassini was among the earliest astronomers to document an anomalous event on the Moon. As he lifted his telescope that day, he was astonished to see what he later described as a white cloud floating above the surface. In 1874, Monsieur Lamery was surprised to see mysterious black objects traversing the lunar floor. During the 1950s and 1960s numerous lights were witnessed by astronomers inside several craters. Some glowed faintly while others held consistent brilliance for the duration of the sighting and then disappeared. Fast forward to the Apollo missions when things became even stranger as unexplained lights and UFOs were witnessed by the astronauts, either while traveling to the Moon or after reaching the surface. The sightings were so prevalent that it is believed by some that humanity’s advancement into space was being observed by extraterrestrials. It was as if someone out there knew the astronauts were coming. Furthermore, NASA photographs from various Moon missions reveal what appear to be intelligently made structures on the Moon. The types of structures allegedly found include geometric shaped buildings, crystal constructions, bridges, domes, pyramids, huge spires, large towers and more. Some of these constructions are said to resemble ruins found on Earth. These days, video footage reveals UFOs moving both towards and away from the Moon. There is plenty of speculation as to the origin of the strange phenomena that is happening there. Some believe they are the result of extraterrestrials residing on or inside of the Moon. This poses the question as to whether these UFOs are traveling back and forth between the Moon and Earth.

In 1979, two Soviet scientists believed they had discovered the answers to the mysteries occurring there. They proposed the radical theory that it is not a natural satellite and that it just may be a spaceship created by advanced beings. In their article titled, Is the Moon a Creation of Alien Intelligence? Alexander Scherbakov and Michael Vasin published their hypothesis in July 1970, in Sputnik Magazine. They proposed that the Moon is a planetoid that was hollowed out in the ancient past somewhere outside of our Solar System. Their conclusion was based on data from the Apollo missions. They maintained that extraterrestrials used enormous equipment to dissolve stone, producing massive cavities inside the Moon. Afterwards, this gigantic craft was navigated across the universe and placed in Earth’s orbit. The scientists wrote, “It is more likely that what we have here is a very ancient spaceship, the interior of which was filled with fuel for the engines, materials and appliances for repair work, navigation instruments, observation equipment and all manner of machinery…in other words, everything necessary to enable this ‘caravelle of the Universe’ to serve as a Noah’s Ark of intelligence, perhaps even as a home of a whole civilization envisaging a prolonged existence and long wanderings through space.” If their theory is correct, then it could explain much of the strange, incomprehensible events on the Moon.

All this information certainly is cause for us to consider if there could be extraterrestrials on the Moon. We should ask, has our nearest cosmic neighbor been harboring life all along? Is it possible that the recently reported sightings of UFOs can be coming from the Moon? With all the talk about future space travel, perhaps our questions will be answered sooner than later. If we are very lucky, it will be within our lifetime.


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